Before getting started please be sure to install StoryArk on your smartphone of choice

Getting Started

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How to share your first pictures

First, everything in StoryArk is organized into posts and groups. Posts are groups of photos and videos, organized however you want. Groups are - well - groups of people with whom you want to share. StoryArk lets you easily share one post with one group, or with many groups. It’s kind of like reverse WhatsApp. In WhatsApp you choose your group then send your message. In StoryArk you create your post then choose where to share it.

Creating your first post

  1. From the main screen of the of the app you can find a big blue plus button. Tap this to create your first post.
  2. Next you’ll select photos and videos you want from your camera reel.
  3. After you’ve finished your selection you’ll see a quick preview. You can delete images or decide to add more if you want.
  4. Next you’re asked to add a post title - think of something that matches your post. Tap ‘done’ when you’re done.
  5. And that’s it - your new post is created, and your images will start uploading.

Sharing with a group

Now we're ready to share your post with others. In StoryArk all posts are private by default. Unless you choose to invite people to see your post it will stay just for you.

  1. Tap the ‘Invite’ button from inside your post.
  2. If you are already a member of a group then you can choose to share with that group (This is common if you were invited to StoryArk by a family member or friend).
  3. If you’re not a member of a group, the app will ask you to create your first group.
  4. You’ll give your group a name, and optionally an icon. Pick a name that best describes your group because you’ll use the name in the future.
  5. Next you’ll see an invitation screen. Here you can tap the ‘Send Invitation’ button to send via your favorite messenger. Alternatively, if you’re sitting next to your friend they can scan a QR code to join.

How to collect pictures with friends and family

With StoryArk you can collect photos from your kid’s birthday, your friend's wedding, or your group vacation all in one place.

  1. Open the post where you would like to collect your photos.
  2. Tap the ‘Add Photos’ button.
  3. Select the photos you want to add and tap the ‘Add Items’ button.

Anyone who can see a post can also add their photos too.

How to add a coauthor

Coauthors are a special role you can assign to posts for people that were with you at the time. For example you might make your family coauthors for a post about a joint vacation.

Coauthors have more abilities than other people in your groups - they can change titles, or album covers, and they can invite more groups or even other coauthors. They’re avatar will also show up in the app next to the post.

To assign a coauthor:

  1. Open the post where you want to add a coauthor.
  2. Tap your avatar photo.
  3. Select the people in your group to set as coauthor.
  4. Tap save.

How to download all photos and videos

You can download all (or a selection of) photos from any post.

  1. Open the post containing the photos you’d like to download.
  2. Tap the ‘Select’ button at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose which photos you want to download - or select none to download all.
  4. Tap ‘Download’.

The photos will save to your phone’s camera roll / photo gallery.

What is the list view? What is the grid view?

On the main screen there are two buttons next to the create post button (the big blue plus). One view shows your posts in a list, and the other in a grid. While the content is the same between both views they are ordered differently and have different purposes.

  • The list view is ordered by last activity. When someone adds new photos to a post that post will appear at the top of your feed. Think of it as what's new.
  • The grid view is ordered by picture date chronologically. This way we keep albums in timeline order, so that when you’re looking through memories you’ll have a reference for when it happened.

Tips using StoryArk with WhatsApp

Many people use WhatsApp (and other private messengers) as their main way to send photos. While this works, these messengers aren’t designed primarily for photos. We know this is one of the reasons people try StoryArk.

We know it can be tricky to convince your friends to join too. That’s why we’ve created a few tips on how you can use StoryArk with your current favorite messenger.

Here’s what we suggest:

  • Create groups in StoryArk that match your existing group chats where you share photos. We suggest you name your groups in StoryArk the same thing to make things easier.
  • Send group invitation links to each group in your messenger app of choice.
  • As each member clicks your invitation link, they’ll see a web preview of all the posts you’ve shared with the group. We think this is a nice way for people to see a little about how the app works before installing it.
  • Anyone can click the link to join StoryArk and join the equivalent group. As they do, you’ll now have the same group of people on both platforms.
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