Hi Everyone,

Markus and Daniel here - excited to announce the first release of our private photo sharing and backup application - StoryArk

StoryArk is a simple secure way to share photos with your close family and friends all while maintaining complete privacy and control over who sees your pictures.

Why StoryArk?

It seemed like every other day we were reading news about social media and ad companies developing creative new ways to exploit our personal data. Facebook and Google are now sophisticated enough to build shadow profiles even if we don’t directly interact with their services. Instagram was aware their product lowered the self-esteem of teenagers and instead of fixing it they chose to try and hide it. While they’ll announce reforms and changes, we don’t believe they’ll ever really stop because their entire business model depends on selling your data to willing advertisers. Often people think these platforms are free, but it turns out we all pay the high cost of our personal privacy and data.

As parents we’re fiercely protective of our children and we wanted a privacy focused solution to share photos with our families. While we’ve tried Whatsapp, Telegram, and Signal - these apps are meant for messaging, and our photos and memories are quickly lost to the stream. What we really wanted was an archive - a place we can share with our close friends and family and easily browse again when we’re feeling nostalgic.

What’s so special about StoryArk?

  • Create photo albums where you, your friends, and family can add pictures.
  • Share your favorite highlights in your timeline
  • Control who sees what with groups and granular sharing
  • End-to-end encryption - StoryArk can never see or sell your data
  • Cloud photo backup based on actual usage for a reasonable price
  • Free space to get started
  • Comments / Reactions / Notifications that can only be seen within permitted groups

Where can I find StoryArk?

We’re available now on iOS and Android

Who are we?

We’re Markus Fuchs and Daniel Cachapa - two software engineers based in Munich, Germany.


It’s early days for us, and we’d love to hear from you about what you think is missing from your favorite photo application. Shoot us a note at hello@storyark.eu